I'm Mitch.

Mitch is an outgoing introvert from southern Bavaria, Germany. He is a true natural when it comes to curiosity. His sixth sense is a very high level of open-mindedness. Mitch is a free spirited guy who loves to inspire and be inspired by likeminded people. This also includes learning from opposing world perspectives. His fire is in full flame when he is able to use empathy as guidance for others.

Mitch's love for books is exceptional. It is a fascinating passion that allows him, and all of us,

to dive into the mind, learn things without necessarily having to experience them physically,

and really expand the depths of our knowledge. Being a knowledgable person makes us more interesting as conversation partners and is also crucial to succeed in any area of life. Health, wealth, relationships - books help to accelerate your personal development massively and therefore are a laughably cheap and highly effective investment in yourself.

Having read several dozens of books on different topics from business to spirituality gives

Mitch a decent amount of competence in various fields. Though, Mitch likes to say he not just a theoretical man. He knows how to apply the knowledge from books so they really benefit you in your everyday.

His knowledge from books and with his experience of living in China for several months, allows him to have an international perspective for what it means to optimize your life with pureness and happiness.



We focus on the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle.


Our promise is to create a safe and powerful place of high-performance coaching and service that leads clients to live their purpose-dreams.


LYFT with Mitch is carefully crafted to clarify your vision, your why, boost your unstoppable mindset, make high impact moves for growth, increase your productivity, eliminate waste and light your mindset.


We are committed to helping you find the best solutions for self discovery and growth. 


This fiery vision is about ditching the excuses, taking action and stepping into your dreamt life.


We are consistent on following up on your growth and ensuring that you are monetizing on your passion and expanding your knowledge.